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Mobile Friendly

  • Elentra Mobile is available for Apple iOS, Android, as well as BlackBerry 10. It gives users the ability to quickly access their personalized teaching or learning event schedule, review notices or messages, and complete evaluations / assessments using a simple and straightforward app on their smartphone.

Communication Hub

  • The Message Centre is available to all users via their Elentra Dashboard. Designated instructors (generally at a director level), as well as administrative staff are able to create a new Dashboard notice that can be targeted at specific users or groups of users in the system.

Course Websites

  • Course websites are the foundation of most traditional learning management systems; however, in Elentra they are optional. If an institution decides to implement course websites for courses, Elentra provides a full featured content management system to facilitate the maintenance of content.
  • In addition to the default text-based content pages, course websites can have various other types of content as well including discussion forums, document sharing, polls and surveys, and photo galleries.
  • Elentra even allows for automated electronic course syllabus generation by combining your standardized course syllabus template with content from each course and course website. Essentially your course website becomes a living document, converted daily into a PDF document that is stored in the platform indefinitely. This means years from now if you are required to produce a syllabus from a specific date, you can browse through the history and download the correct version.

Learner Gradebook

  • Designated instructors (generally at a director level), as well as administrative staff are able to outline and record all assessments that take place within each course (i.e. quizzes, papers, midterm and final exams, etc). Once an assessment has been created, learner marks can be recorded in a consistent and familiar spreadsheet-like format, and later exported en-masse if required.
  • Elentra also allows for the creation of assignment drop boxes that are attached to specific gradebook assessments. This provides learners with a consistent way to hand-in assignments electronically, as well as receive instructor assignment feedback and their grades.

Online Quizzes

  • Thanks to Elentra’s online quiz module, delivering online formative and / or summative quizzes is a breeze. Designated instructors (generally at a director level), as well as administrative staff can create time released quizzes that may contain an array of questions ranging from multiple choice to descriptive text.
  • The ability to give learners instant formative feedback based on what they got right and what they got wrong while being shown the correct answer is one of the many features within the Quiz module. Quizzes can be attached to the learner’s Gradebook so that their summative quiz results can be reflected as part of their final grade.
  • Quiz authors can add additional quiz contacts thus allowing for collaboration between faculty when developing a quiz.

Clinical Encounter and Procedure Logging

  • Elentra is developed with clinical education in mind, and the encounter and procedure logging features are an excellent example of that.
  • Designated instructors (generally at a director level), as well as administrative staff are able to maintain a list of required encounters or procedures for each course, rotation, service, or program.
  • When a learner is enrolled in one of these academic units they will be required to log each of the encounters and/or procedures the specified number of times.
  • If 50% of the required encounters and/or procedures are not logged by 50% of the way through the unit, Elentra automatically notifies both the learner and administrative staff member responsible for the unit of a potential for missed experiences.
  • If all of the required encounters and/or procedures are not logged by the time the unit finishes, Elentra notifies both the learner and unit director of the deficiencies, then requires the learner to provide a detailed remediation plan. The remediation plan must be approved by the unit director in order to close the loop.

Observership Management

  • Learners in Pre-Clerkship often participate in observership or shadowing experiences that enhance their understanding of the medical profession. These observership experiences are an educational requirement in many medical curriculums.
  • Elentra facilitates the process of recording this important activity by allowing learners to record these observership experiences in their profile, while at the same time allowing the instructors indicated on these experiences to verify they took place.

Medical Student Performance Reports

  • Throughout a medical student’s undergraduate education they experience a plethora of exceptional learning opportunities. The Medical Student Performance Report pulls all of these experiences and opportunities together in a final letter which is signed by the Associate Dean of Medical Education. This letter or report card acts as a reference letter, helping the learner achieve their desired Postgraduate goals.