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Faculty Accountability and Annual Reporting

Aurora Borealis
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Annual Reporting

  • Elentra automatically collects and includes all Learning Events each faculty member was associated with in an Annual Report.
  • Faculty members can also self report specific activities that are not captured elsewhere in Elentra such as research, clinical activity, self education and faculty development.
  • If any teaching that should have been captured is missing faculty are able to report it as such and the appropriate adjustments can be made which are then automatically reflected in the annual report.
  • Specific canned reports have been developed for and can be accessed by Department Heads so that they can retrieve reports on specific activity within their department as reported by the faculty members via the Annual Reporting Module.

Publication Reporting

  • Built into every faculty members Elentra profile is the ability to enter and record publication and presentation accomplishments. Publications can be manually entered by the faculty member or automatically populated via the publication’s PubMed ID. These publications are automatically fed into the Annual Report and also creates a repository of publications for that faculty member, their department, and the organization as a whole.