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Curriculum Mapping and Reporting

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Objective Management

  • Elentra enables curriculum managers and administrative staff to easily enter and maintain multiple complex hierarchical sets of objectives. For instance the CanMEDS Roles, AAMC PCRS, as well as your own institutional objectives can each be loaded into Elentra as unique Objective Sets.
  • Objectives at any level in any Objective Set can be systematically mapped to any other objective in the system. This feature allows for very rich and flexible reporting capabilities.

Objective Mapping

  • Elentra allows objectives within Objective Sets to be mapped to courses, learning events, gradebook assessments, and even evaluation form questions. This feature allows you to produce beautiful reports that tell you what is being taught in your curriculum, where it is being taught, and how it is being assessed, which are three important data points during an accreditation.

Curriculum Reporting and Searching

  • The Curriculum Explorer in Elentra is a profound way of navigating your curriculum to find where and when objectives are being taught. It is also incredibly useful for performing gap and crowding analysis of objectives, as it indicates and color codes the number of times objectives occur within the curriculum.
  • The Curriculum Search feature in Elentra allows any user to perform a boolean free-text search for a particular topic or objective in the system. The integrated search engine matches the provided search term against content within Learning Events, then displays the results in a familiar format back to the user.
  • Elentra comes packed with many useful canned curriculum reports (e.g. Percentage of all types of teaching, Hours of teaching by faculty members, Assessment summary), but also allows developers to write custom reports for your institution.
  • One of the newest curriculum reporting features in Elentra is our AAMC Curriculum Inventory Reporting integration. Elentra is able to package your curriculum into the MedBiquitous Curriculum Data Exchange Standard, which can then be uploaded to the Curriculum Inventory Portal.