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The Elentra Consortium is a department within the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University. Authority ultimately resides within the Senior Leadership at Queen’s University, through guidance and advice by the Elentra Consortium Advisory Committee.

The Elentra Consortium Advisory Committee is made up of participants from the following Universities:

  • University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine
  • University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine
  • UCLA, David Geffen School of Medicine
  • University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine
  • Queen’s University, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine
  • Elentra Corp
  • Term Appointment #1 (term beginning March 2021 until April 2023)
  • Term Appointment #2 (term beginning March 2022 until April 2024)

The Elentra Consortium Advisory Committee has two sub-committees to assist with it’s mandate: