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Elentra Consortium

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The Elentra Consortium’s purpose is to promote, support, and coordinate the collaborative development of software and best practices created by our community.

Elentra (previously known as Entrada) began in 2008 when University of Calgary, Undergraduate Medical Education opted to collaborate with Queen’s University on developing a platform to manage curricular information and deliver curriculum content to learners.

Since we began this collaboration, Elentra has been adopted and implemented by medical schools throughout Canada, the United States, and Singapore, with a healthy International pipeline of interest.

The Elentra Platform is actively maintained and enhanced by our Consortium Participants. Many of the staff members involved in our effort are embedded directly within the education offices of their host University, making us very well aware of the present and upcoming challenges in our industry.

This unique perspective allows us to proactively address these challenges within a piece of software already familiar to our users, without the burden of implementing yet another additional solution.