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Assessment and Evaluation

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Success Measurement Methods

  • Elentra supports the ability for instructors to assess learners, as well as the ability for learners to perform self, peer, and small group assessments. In addition to assessment, learners are also able to evaluate various aspects of the institution including courses, programs, rotations, events, and their instructors.

Question Bank

  • Designated instructors (generally at a director level), as well as administrative staff are able to create and manage their own evaluation and assessment question bank.
  • Elentra supports a number of question types including complex rubrics, horizontally and vertically formatted single response radio buttons, drop down select boxes, and free-text comments.
  • A key feature in Elentra is its ability to version control questions in the question bank. This flexibility allows question authors to make changes to questions while maintaining reporting integrity. This is extremely useful in scenarios where you ask the same question to different groups of people, require slightly different question terminology, and then need to combine responses for reporting purposes.
  • Elentra has the ability to map specific objectives within an Objective Set to any question in the Question Bank making for very rich competency based reporting potential.
  • Questions in the question bank can be used over and over again on many different types of forms.

Form Builder

  • The Elentra form builder allows designated instructors (generally at the director level), as well as administrative staff to select questions from their question bank and construct their own evaluation and assessment forms. Once a form has been created and populated with questions it can be distributed to the evaluators.