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Elentra Engage

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About Elentra Engage

Elentra Engage, where the community becomes our network. Sponsored by the Elentra Consortium, this annual invitational event brings together faculty, administration, and technical staff from international consortium member schools to provide a rich educational, leadership, and networking experience.

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Past Conferences

2020 - Online


Elentra Engage 2020 had to adapt to the unique challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic and pivoted to a completely online format! Despite this challenge several very interesting presentation and discussions took place including one from Dr. Jane Philpott about Power of Data for the Future of Healthcare.

2019 - New York City, New York, USA


Elentra Engage 2019 took place in the Big Apple, New York City. This year saw a riveting keynote presentation from Dr. Martin Pusic, MD, PhD, FRCP(C) from NYU about Adaptive Learning. This year also saw attendance from 22 different organizations, spreading across 4 different countries!

Download the 2019 Elentra Engage Program

2018 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Elentra Engage 2018 took place in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Among many wonderful presentations, we welcomed Rhonda St. Croix from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to discuss Change Management.

Download the 2018 Elentra Engage Program

2017 - Chicago, Illinois, USA


Elentra Engage 2017 (called the EntradaConf at the time) took place in the Windy City—Chicago, Illinois. The Elentra conference took a big step in 2017, creating a dedicated educational track for Faculty and Administration. This resulted in doubling of attendance and representation from all consortium schools.


The Elentra Engage Hackathon does not follow a conventional hackathon format. Instead of working during conference hours, tasks are announced in advance of the conference and teams collaborate remotely in order to complete their solution, including building user stories in Jira, UI/UX mockups if feasible, and all necessary code. At the conference, teams present their work to the conference attendees. Participating in the hackathon allows developers to make connections with developers at other schools and helps facilitate increased collaboration between schools. Typically we find that developers who have worked with people from other schools are more comfortable and confident reaching out to other developers for assistance which in turn builds a stronger, more effective community.




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Washington State University

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Kaiser Permanente

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Queen's University

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Elentra Core Team

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Elentra Core Team

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