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Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform™

The Elentra Consortium is comprised of twenty institutions from Canada, the U.S. and Singapore that work collaboratively on the development of the Elentra Platform. Elentra continues to grow and expand its global reach via the Elentra Corporation cloud-based offering. Please visit to learn more or to request a demo.

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Elentra Platform™

Elentra is a community-source Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform™ created by an International consortium of medical schools, which provides learners, instructors, and curriculum administration with a simple way of accessing, interacting, and managing information within a unified online environment.

The Elentra Platform™ is well suited for health sciences education because of its tightly integrated curriculum management and clinical scheduling support. Although Elentra was initially designed to meet the needs of medical education, it could easily be modified and adapted to suit many other professional programs.

Elentra is full featured, and takes a much different approach to online learning than a traditional course-centric Learning Management System; so much so that we try not to classify Elentra under that umbrella and have instead coined “Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform.”