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Entrada ME 1.8.0 Released

January 23, 2017
Solar System
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The Entrada Consortium Development Community is pleased to announce that Entrada ME 1.8.0 is now available in both Open Edition and Consortium Edition flavours.

This release packs in many development efforts from Q3 and Q4 2016 including an updated and further refined user interface, refactored course management, course gradebook, assessment and evaluation, and more. There have been 232 Issues (bugs and enhancements) addressed in this release. Here are some of the new goodies in Entrada ME 1.8.0:

  • A slick new semi-responsive default user interface that looks great in the browser.
  • Initial release of the new Assessment & Evaluation module that will become a complete replacement for the Evaluations module in a future release.
  • The Evaluations module has been renamed to Clerkship Evaluations and will remain in Entrada until the new Assessment & Evaluation module can facilitate all of the features.
  • A brand new Course Gradebook module with full support for inline document viewing (i.e. PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) in the web-browser, and marking uploaded assignments using an Assessment Form created within the Assessment & Evaluation module.
  • Assessments within a Course Gradebook can now have additional Graders associated with them. A Grader will receive the permissions required to grade associated students’ assessments.
  • A new Clinical Rotation Schedule management tool for placing learners of a Course or Program into a configurable block rotation schedule (i.e. 1-week, 2-week, or 4-weeks).
  • A redesigned Course Groups module that supports the automatic population of small groups based on many criteria including the number of groups, the size of groups, and gender diversity.
  • Administrators can now enable Twitter integration. Each Organization, Course, and Community can optionally indicate the Twitter handle and hashtag they use. Relevant tweets will show up on the Dashboard, Course Website, and within associated Communities.
  • The Curriculum Search now searches through the code, title, and description of all Curriculum Tags (i.e. objectives) that have been mapped to at the Learning Event or Course level. There have also been usability improvements to the Curriculum Search in both Text Results and Timeline search mode.
  • A new session timeout alert dialog will now warn you two minutes before your session expires and give you the option to extend or log out.
  • Several user interface refinements within the People Search module.
  • The ability to export a draft Learning Event schedule from the Admin > Manage Events > Manage My Drafts section.
  • New ability to roll over course content from one course to a new course within the Admin > Manage Events > Manage My Drafts section.
  • Improvements to the consistency of titles and management options within Admin > Manage Courses.
  • Added the option to redirect users to an external course website for a course if one has been configured in Course Setup.
  • Added the ability to select multiple users for all “course roles” within Course Setup (i.e. Course Directors, Curriculum Coordinators, Associated Faculty, Program Coordinator, Evaluation Rep, Student Rep, and Teacher Assistant).
  • Added the ability to indicate “Program Level Objectives” for the AAMC Curriculum Inventory Portal export.
  • Added the optional concept of Learning Tracks to an organization. This concept allows Courses to be included with one or more Learning Tracks.
  • Added the ability to indicate whether the attendance at a Learning Event is Optional or Required.
  • Ability to limit displaying menu items to certain groups of users.
  • We now allow the @ symbol in usernames to support logging in with e-mail addresses.
  • Statistics table mining now supports IMS Caliper; however, using the xAPI is support recommended.

For further information or clarification regarding information contained in this release announcement please contact us.