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Elentra ME 1.17 Released

December 20, 2019
Northern Lights
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Release Announcement

On behalf of the Elentra Consortium community, I am so pleased to announce an early Christmas present… the release of Elentra ME 1.17, as well as stability releases of Elentra ME 1.16.1, and 1.15.2!

This notice was sent out to the Elentra Community Mailing List in December but was mistakingly not posted on our website. This message is being posted now to commemorate the release.

For detailed information about this release, please read our comprehensive What’s New in Elentra ME 1.17 for administrators or the associated Jira Release ( for technical staff.

What you should know about Elentra ME 1.17

On-demand workflows for Assessment & Evaluation Forms
Contributors: uToronto, Queen’s

Program-based Assessment Plan Builder
Contributor: Queen’s

CBME Program Dashboard
Contributor: Queen’s
The CBME Program Dashboard is progressive visualization of learner progress towards the corresponding Assessment Plan for the course.

Dynamic delivery rules for Rotation-based Distributions
Contributor: Queen’s

All New Curriculum Tag Selector
Contributor: Elentra Core
An entirely redesigned Curriculum Tag Selector, currently in Manage Courses, but will permeate to Events, Exam Questions, Assessment & Evaluation Items, Portfolio Artifacts, Learning Objects, etc. over the next few releases.

Mobile Phone Number Support
Contributor: Elentra Engage 2018 Hackathon Winner
The new optional user profile mobile phone support includes phone number verification via Twilio.

SMS attendance tracking for Learning Events
Contributor: Elentra Engage 2018 Hackathon Winner
When enabled learners are able to mark themselves in attendance by sending a text message to the designated phone number.

Course Website auto enrolment of Learners
Contributor: Elentra Core

Bulk download of Learning Event file resources
Contributor: Elentra Engage 2019 Hackathon Winner
This option enables the ability for learners to to see Assignments that are due on their personalized Dashboard calendar and in their calendar feed.

Elentra ME login screen improvements
Contributor: Elentra Core

Time-based option in Clinical Experience Logbook
Contributor: Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)

For further information or clarification regarding information contained in this release announcement, please contact:

Matt Simpson
Associate Director, Elentra Consortium
Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen’s University
Telephone: +1 613-533-6000 x78146
Email: [email protected]