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Elentra CPD 1.2 Released

July 11, 2019
Northern Lights
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The Elentra Consortium team is pleased to announce the release of Elentra CPD 1.2.

This marks the second Elentra CPD release so far this year and is a significant step forward as we begin to implement Laravel and Vue.js technologies within the software.

In addition to approximately 20 fixes and improvements, the most significant change in Elentra CPD 1.2 is the introduction of an improved Programs listing and management page, which supports advanced reporting and data exporting, allows users to select visible columns, filter data on user-defined criteria, sort on many of the columns, and download the data being viewed into a CSV export file.

Development work on Elentra CPD 1.3 has already begun, and our next release will focus on enhancing Workshop scheduling and registration capabilities of the platform.

We look forward to providing at least one more release announcement for Elentra CPD 1.3 in 2019, so stay tuned.

For further information or clarification regarding information contained in this release announcement, please contact:

Matt Simpson
Technical Director, Elentra Consortium
School of Medicine, Queen’s University
Telephone: +1 613-533-6000 x78146
Email: [email protected]