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Entrada 1.4.0 Release Announcement

March 3, 2013
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The Entrada development community is pleased to announce the availability of Entrada 1.4.0 from the downloads page of the Entrada website, as well as the master branch of our Git repository.

This release introduces many new features, enhancements, and over all improvements to the platform including:

  • Entrada Mobile 1.1 for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry + Playbook
  • Ability to create draft schedules for Learning Events.
  • Ability to import CSV files of Learning Events into a new draft.
  • Ability to take attendance (including Kiosk Mode for student card swiping).
  • Ability to filter Learning Events by Department (based on department of associated teachers).
  • Ability to see the history of a particular Learning Event (who add / edited / delete what from Event Content).
  • Hot Topics are now displayed to students in the Student View of Learning Events page.
  • Ability to randomize question order (in addition to response order) in Quizzes.
  • Ability to automatically import grades from a Quiz to a Gradebook Assessment.
  • Ability to see which users selected what response on Quiz results page.
  • Entrada Users can now have multiple groups and roles, and even belong to multiple Organisations.
  • Ability to Manage Departments from System Settings
  • Usability enhancements to the Manage Community Members section.
  • Ability to upload multiple files at once to a Community.
  • Significant improvements to the Evaluation and Assessment tools in Entrada including:
    • E-mail notification to evaluators of evaluations they must complete.
    • Ability for faculty to assess learners.
    • Ability for learners to assess themselves.
    • Ability for learners to assess their peers.
    • Faculty members can now view the results of evaluations that have been done on them.
    • Course Directors can now see evaluation reports of their courses.

A full list of new features, fixes and enhancements is available from the Entrada 1.4.0 Roadmap. To obtain the Entrada 1.4.0 PHP source code please visit the downloads section of our website or visit the Sourceforge project page.

For further information or clarification regarding information contained in this release announcement please contact:

Matt Simpson
Manager, Education Technology
School of Medicine, Queen’s University

Telephone: +1 613-533-6000 x78146