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Aurora Borealis
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    Registering an account on our website is the gateway for provisioning your access to a number of communication channels and services within the Entrada Consortium. Please complete the form below to begin the account approval process.
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  • Entrada Contributor Agreement

  • Thank you for your interest in the integrated teaching and learning platform known as “Entrada,” and joining the Entrada community of developers with the goal of facilitating research, innovation and product development. In order to maintain any means all rights in any copyrights, trade secrets, patents, patentable inventions, patent applications, trademarks, service marks or other intellectual property rights (“Intellectual Property Rights”) developed within the Entrada community, Queen's University at Kingston, for and on behalf of its School of Medicine, a not-for-profit corporation, having a principal place of business at 99 University Ave, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 3N6 (the “Entrada Consortium”) has licensed Entrada to the institution that you are employed by or otherwise engaged by (your “Institution”). Your Institution has granted you access to Entrada as an authorized user.

    As such, I agree to the following terms, including with respect to (i) any addition to, deletion from, change to, revision, modification, translation or derivative work of the substance or structure of the source code of the Entrada (ii) any new file or other representation of computer program statements that contains any portion of the source code of Entrada; or (iii) any error correction correcting the adverse effect of a failure of the source code of Entrada to perform any function, but specifically excludes code developed separate and apart from the source code of Entrada (collectively, my “Modifications”).

    In consideration of my employment and/or engagement by my Institution and such other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged:

    1. To the extent that any of my Modifications software are not owned by my Institution in accordance with any separate agreement, I hereby irrevocably transfer and assign any and all Intellectual Property Rights in any Modifications to:

      1. The Entrada Consortium if such Modifications are submitted to the Entrada Consortium; or
      2. My Institution, if such Modifications are kept within my Institution for internal use by my Institution;
      And, I and waive unconditionally and irrevocably, in favour of Entrada Consortium or my Institution, as applicable, any and all moral rights and rights of a similar nature which I have in the Modifications.
    2. I represent and warrant that each of my Modifications are my original creations based on Entrada. I undertake to include complete details of any third-party license or other restriction (including, but not limited to, related patents, trademarks, licensing or open source software) of which I am personally aware and which are or may be associated with any part of the Modifications.
    3. I further agree to assist the Entrada Consortium and its assignees, at Entrada Consortium or such assignee’s expense, in every reasonable way to obtain and, from time to time, enforce or obtain Intellectual Property Rights relating to the Covered Code.
    4. I acknowledge that I am not expected to provide support for my Modifications, except to the extent I desire to provide support. Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, I provide my Modifications on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
    5. I acknowledge that the Entrada code is confidential, and I shall not disclose any such information to any person other than other community members that are listed on the Entrada website.
    6. At any time and for any reason, my Institution may revoke my status as an authorized user. Upon such revocation, I shall discontinue use of and destroy all copies of Entrada in my possession, and shall not distribute any copies.
    7. I agree to notify Entrada Consortium of any facts or circumstances of which I become aware that would make these statements inaccurate in any respect.

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