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Features to know in Elentra ME 1.24

September 16, 2022
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On behalf of the Elentra Consortium community, I am pleased to announce that Elentra ME 1.24 and the maintenance releases 1.23.1 and 1.22.2 are now available to all consortium participants.

These high-level release notes contain a brief description of the changes you can expect to see in 1.24. Smaller enhancements, bug fixes and more detailed information related to this release can be found here.

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

Contributors: Elentra Consortium Core Team, Elentra Corporation, Queen’s University

Queen’s University with the support of the Elentra Corporation and the Core team is pleased to announce a more flexible competency-based module. This new framework will allow schools to build their curriculums using their own nomenclature.

With CBME the foundation of CBE, schools will easily be able to migrate their existing curriculums over to the new framework.

While this module was specifically developed for Competency-Based curriculums, there is functionality that may be applicable to other use cases. The Core team is happy to work with you to see if CBE is the right tool for you.


Contributors: Elentra Consortium Core

Release 1.24 is also now compatible with PHP 8.0, in addition to PHP 7.4.

PHP 8.0 changes that required fixes in Elentra to support it includes changes to how String to Number comparisons work, warnings that are now errors, notices that are now warnings and other backward incompatible changes in PHP 8. Schools are encouraged to test their custom changes with PHP 8 before deploying 1.24 to production. More information on PHP8 backward incompatible changes can be found here.

Although 1.24 is compatible with PHP 7.4, schools are recommended to update to PHP 8.0. Upcoming release 1.25 will only be compatible with only PHP 8+.