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Features to know in Elentra ME 1.23

March 15, 2022
Space Nebula
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On behalf of the Elentra Consortium community, I am pleased to announce that Elentra ME 1.23 and the maintenance releases 1.22.1 and 1.21.2 are now available to all consortium participants.

These high-level release notes contain a brief description of the changes you can expect to see in 1.23. Smaller enhancement and more detailed information related to this release can be found here.

Exam Question Management

Contributors: Elentra Consortium Core Team, University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa with support from the Elentra Core team has made significant changes to the exam module.

Question uploads will now support a labels feature, instead of folders. This allows your institution to apply the relevant categories directly to the question, instead of duplicating the question in different folders.

Various enhancements have been made to the user interface including:

  • Introduction of an optional mode that allows admins to define whether individual exams and/or questions are Summative, Formative, both, or neither. This may be a useful tool to ensure formative questions don’t end up on a summative assessment (and vice-versa)
  • Improved question search functionality that greatly expanded filtering options to make it easier to find the question you’re looking for
  • Improved the user experience around creating and defining questions and their content
  • Developed as a new Elentra JS 1.x module featuring an enhanced user interface

Peer Instruction

Contributors: Elentra Consortium Core Team Sponsored by University of Arizona Vet Med

We are excited to announce the inclusion of a Peer Instruction module in Elentra ME. Peer Instruction is a pedagogical tool developed to provide learners with the opportunity to examine both their own and their peers’ understanding of content. In Elentra, administrators are able to set up a pair of polls, both for the same question. The first poll establishes a baseline of knowledge, after which Learners have an opportunity to discuss their answers and rationales with their peers. Following a brief round of discussion, the second poll begins and Learners record their answers once again, incorporating any new found perspective and insight on the subject matter.

AAMC CI Report Enhancements

Contributors: Elentra Consortium Core Team, Washington State University

Significant enhancements were made to the AAMC CI Report to comply with version 10 of the Medbiquitous specifications. These changes were applied to versions 1.20, 1.21 and 1.22.

Learning Events

Contributors: various schools

Several new enhancements have been added to Learning Events including:

  • the ability to add comments and photos to the list of Learners
  • attendance tracking by location
  • display the event audience on the tooltip
  • the ability to take attendance and mark Learners as present, late or absent and send an email about their attendance status
  • the ability for Learners to mark their own attendance


Several bug fixes and a Gradebook enhancement will increase the file size limit for learner submissions to 250 MB for Assignment Drop Boxes. Bug fixes include:

  • fixes to the grade calculation
  • fixes to grade weighting

Course Website

Several bug fixes were completed including:

  • fixes to course rollover functions
  • fixes to allow learners to open Streaming Media links in a course website
  • fixes to display curriculum tags in the course community
  • fixes to the course website discussions

Several other bug fixes and minor enhancements have been made. For a full list, please access the Detailed Release notes here.