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Features to Know in Elentra ME 1.22

September 13, 2021
Solar System
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On September 13th, 2021 version 1.22 was released to the community. Below is a high-level summary of the improved features and functionality you can expect.

Microsoft Teams Learning Event Integration
Contributors: Elentra Consortium Core Team Sponsored by University of Singapore (NUS)

This exciting new integration allows Teams to be set up in a Learning Event based on the course enrolment. Once integrated, Teams Meetings may be automatically generated per Learning Event.

Updates to Learning Event Draft Schedules Including Integration
Contributors: Elentra Consortium Core Team Sponsored by University of Singapore (NUS)

This enhancement includes significant changes to the user interface to provide a better experience. It also includes the ability to add event resources to draft events, which was previously unsupported. An integration with was added which will allow users the ability to upload resources if they have an account.

Improved Control Over Course Pages and Events
Contributed by the Elentra Corp.

For private courses, administrators are now able to set a visible start and end date for the course website and all associated events. Learners will only be given access to course materials at a defined time.  

Improved Discussions Experience
Contributed by the Elentra Consortium Core Team

Threaded discussion pages are now available in Communities. Learners and Faculty may now reply to a reply.

Improved Evaluation Privacy and Security
Contributed by the Elentra Corp.

Individual completed evaluation tasks may now be restricted. This function may be turned on using new optional database setting. Organizations can optionally allow specific users to view completed individual evaluation tasks by adding them to a database field.

Improved Visibility of Tasks Awaiting Completion
Contributed by the Northern Ontario School of Medicine

In recognition of the frequent request by learners to view tasks they have initiated but are not yet completed by an assessor, NOSM built a view to display this information. Currently, learners will not be able to send reminders for these tasks, nor will they be able to view the task data (since it is in draft mode), but they can feel confident that the task has been generated and is awaiting action from the assessor.

Integration with Respondus LockDown Brower for Elentra Exams
Contributed by the Elentra Corp.

A new integration is available that will support Respondus LockDown Browser as a security option for exam posts.