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Features to Know in Elentra ME 1.21

April 27, 2021
Carina Nebula
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On April 27th, 2021 version 1.22 was released to the community. Below is a high-level summary of the improved features and functionality you can expect.

Location Management
Contributors: Washington State University, Elentra Core Team

A refreshed Location Management module has been rewritten in EJS 2. The new user interface has  an updated look and feel.

Custom Course Contacts
Contributor: UCLA

Users managing courses can now optionally define custom course contacts (i.e., label someone as a Course Assistant instead of Teacher). You can choose to show the course contact on the course website or not.

Learning Event Teaching Minutes
Contributor: Elentra Corp.

Administrative users, or faculty themselves, can optionally define the number of minutes in a learning event that a specific teacher taught. This data is captured in the relevant System Reports.

Learning Event Feedback Form Bulk Management
Contributor: Rush

Administrative users can now associate a feedback form with multiple events at once. They may now optionally generate a passcode that must be entered for learners to access the feedback form.

Course Gradebook Assessment Form Display Flexibility
Contributor: Elentra Corp.

Gradebook administrators can now decide whether to show learners assessment forms linked to gradebook assessments. They will now have the flexibility to show assessment forms before grades are entered, after grades are entered, both, or neither.

Course Gradebook Adjusted Total
Contributor: Elentra Corp.

A new column in the grade spreadsheet will now allow gradebook administrators to enter an adjusted total course grade. This can allow you to show a learner’s final grade incorporating ungraded requirements like professionalism or attendance.

Course Gradebook Ignoring Unentered Grades
Contributor: Elentra Core Team

Previously in a course gradebook, any unentered grades were automatically treated as zeros in the administrator view of the grade spreadsheet. A database setting has been introduced to allow you to decide if unentered grades should be ignored.

Learner View of Assignments
Contributor: Elentra Core Team

Updates have been made to the Assignments page to allow learners to apply filters to their view of their assignments. This allows learners to easily see which assignments are for which course and curriculum period, and which they have yet to submit.

Assessment and Evaluation Completed Form Confidentiality
Contributor: Northern Ontario School of Medicine

This new feature allows you to mark an assessment and evalution form as confidential. Confidential forms will hide the name of the assessor or evaluator whenever the form is viewed in Elentra (e.g. on the Admin dashboard for Assessment and Evaluation).

Assessment and Evaluation Task Forward Support for External Assessors
Contributor: Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Administrator can now forward existing external tasks to another assessor. The assessor may be internal, or external.  

Clinical Experience Rotation Schedule Improvements to Import and Export Options
Contributor: Queen’s University

Administrative staff can now use csv files to upload rotations. Changes include the ability to schedule learners into bookings of varying lengths, and include site and preceptor details in the csv.

Competency Based Medical Education Assessment Plan Detail Visibility
Contributor: Queen’s University

Programs and Residents using CBME dashboard will now see more EPA details, including contextual variable.

Competency Based Medical Education Visual Summary
Contributor: University of Ottawa (via University of Saskatchewan)

An exciting new dashboard will show the summary of completed CBME assessments. This enhancement is the result of the collaborative work done by the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Ottawa.