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Entrada ME 1.12.0 Released

March 25, 2018
Northern Lights
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The Entrada Consortium Community has been incredibly busy over the past four months producing new features and enhancing numerous existing components. There have been over 125 bug fixes, refinements, and enhancements and today we are pleased to announce the release of Entrada ME 1.11.2 and 1.12.0 Consortium Edition.

Entrada ME 1.12.0

CBME Enhancements (Queen’s)

Competency-Based Medical Education support, which was introduced in Entrada ME 1.11, continues to receive major enhancements and improvements from the Queen’s University team as a result of extensive stakeholder engagement and user feedback. For more information on CBME support in Entrada ME visit:

Course/Program CBME Tab

  • Programs can now upload and provide Program-specific Key and Enabling Competencies.
  • An improved user interface allows Program Directors and Administrators to view previously uploaded procedure attributes within contextual variable responses.
  • Program Directors and Administrators can now make minor modifications to previously uploaded EPAs, Milestones, Key and Enabling Competencies. These minor changes would include things like typo-fixes or updating a description, but does not represent full version control of EPAs!
  • Programs can now create Assessment Plans, which identify assessment and sampling requirements based on the forms created for their Program. For now, this feature simply collects information but later will be leveraged to generate full progress reports.

CBME Dashboard

  • EPAs mapped to the learner’s current rotation are now highlighted with a colored border. Note that this will only function for organizations using the Rotation Scheduler within the Clinical Experience module.
  • EPA likeliness and priority icons are now shown to the learner when an EPA is deemed a priority. A bar graph shows how likely the learner is to encounter a specific EPA in their current rotation.
  • A new aggregate report by form within an EPA is now available from a learners CBME Dashboard. This aggregate report includes a visual trend chart and provides an easy click-through to view a specific assessment.
  • Completed assessments now display by date of encounter, not date completed, to more accurately reflect learner progress.

Assessment & Evaluation Module Enhancement (Queen’s)

Administrator Improvements

  • Assessment Items can now be reordered on published Supervisor Forms, Field Notes, and Procedure Forms.
  • Program Administrators can now record “previously completed” (or handed-in on paper) assessments. This includes the ability to complete Assessment Tools on behalf of a selected Assessor.
  • Free text Comment Items can now be tagged with curriculum tags, which allows you to add a free text item to a rubric or PPA form and have the form be triggerable.
  • Program Administrators can now view Completed, In-Progress, Pending, and Deleted CBME tasks to better track which assessments are still awaiting completion.
  • A new Milestones Report shows a breakdown of completed assessments that have been tagged to Milestones and EPAs and is exportable as a CSV file.

Learner and Faculty Improvements

  • Improvements have been made to Trigger Assessment, allowing users to quickly find Current Stage EPAs, Current Rotation EPAs, and Priority EPAs using preset filters.
  • The learners home program is now displayed on the profile card when triggering an assessment.
  • Cues can now be provided by the learner when they are emailing assessment tools to their assessor. This lets the learner cognitively situate their assessor by adding an optional note to any assessment that will be emailed. It can also be used to remind the assessor about specific case details, provide a focus for assessment, or anything else that the learner feels the assessor should know before completing the assessment.
  • Users can now view Completed, In-Progress, Pending, and Deleted CBME tasks from the CBME Dashboard to better track which assessments are still awaiting completion.
  • Users now have the ability to mark completed assessments as read or unread. The number of unread assessments is visible within a badge on the CBME Dashboard.
  • Learners can now indicate “Helpful” assessments and feedback by clicking a “thumbs up” icon within a completed assessment.
  • Learners now also have the ability to set “PINS” within My Profile, which can be used by other learners when triggering assessments.

Clinical Experience Module (Entrada Core)

The new Clinical Experience module is the future home to all clinical education related features in Entrada. This first release includes the Rotation Schedule component to create complex block-based rotation schedules in a practical and visual way for both on-service and off-service clinical learners. It also supports scheduling learners into specific Sites and is natively tied into the Assessment & Evaluation module.

Learning Object Repository (Entrada Core)

Playing xAPI, TinCan, and even SCORM 2004 and 1.2 self-contained learning modules just got a whole lot easier. This initial release of the Learning Object Repository enables faculty and staff to upload learning modules in a Zip format, and then attach and play that learning module from within Learning Events. Enable the existing LRS functionality and your learning data can easily be collected and stored in your central LRS.

Exam Module Enhancements (UCLA, Entrada Core)

The Exam module, which was first introduced in version 1.9.0, received some big improvements in this version of Entrada.


  • Added the ability to create Exam Folders to create and store Exams within rather than just a single large list of Exams.
  • Exams can now be exported in Microsoft Word format for easy printing.
  • Improvements have been made to support previewing Exams with the calculator and self-timer options visible.
  • In addition to the randomization of question response order, Exams also support randomization of the questions themselves, with the ability to group or lock certain questions in order.
  • Significant performance improvements have been made, due to database query refactoring.

Exam Posts

  • All audience members of the selected Learning Event are now shown on the Audience step, which replaces Exceptions. Individual learner exceptions (i.e. different dates, exclusions, more time, etc.) can still be managed on this step.
  • The Security step is now the final step of the Exam Post wizard and is only visible if one of the secure exam options has been selected.
  • Significant performance improvements have been made, especially when learners are writing their exams.


  • A warning message is now displayed if no correct answer has been designated when creating a question.
  • Administrators and curricular coordinators can now make bulk changes to Curriculum Tags that have been mapped to Exam questions.

Duty Hour Tracking (University of Arizona – Tucson)

Entrada ME now provides Clerks with the ability to natively track their clinical duty hours. This functionality provides Clerkship Directors with assurances that Clerks are meeting the minimum, and not exceeding the maximum number of hours per week during Clerkship.

Improved CSV User Importer for Administrators (Entrada Core)

The ability to import users via the administrator interface, which was first introduced in 1.10.0, has been significantly improved to now support the updating of existing user accounts. By providing an existing institutional number, username, or email address in the CSV record, administrators can now make mass changes to existing accounts.

UI Improvements within Communities (Entrada Core)

Community course websites, discussion boards, and event calendars have received minor UI refinements to fix unflattering style issues. We have also resolved several issues with the Rich Text Editor, and display issues with iFrames through communities.

Ability to Manage Organization Specific Sites (Entrada Core)

In Entrada ME 1.9.0 we introduced the ability for organizations to manage Buildings and Rooms within System Setup. In this version, we have taken that step further and added a level for “Site” above the “Building” level. Administrators can now add Sites > Buildings > Rooms within System Settings > Organization > Location Management.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue that allowed Course/Program Directors to potentially make changes to curriculum tags.
  • Resolved issue that prevented Course/Program Directors from accessing the CBME tab and the Assessment & Evaluation module.
  • The user photo import tool has been fixed and refactored to allow system administrators to easily match and import many user photos at once by command-line.
  • Course/Program Coordinators no longer see courses/programs that they do not have access to updating with Admin > Manage Courses. This was not a security issue, rather a display issue. Courses/programs were not accessible to them, they just displayed on the screen causing undue clutter.
  • Course/program Units navigation item now shows in the Manage Courses > cog menu if “weeks” support is enabled.
  • Performance improvements to the Message Centers (Notices) “Mark as Read” feature prevent slow page-loads due to large statistics tables.
  • Faculty members who were not included as Course Contacts for a course, could not access the Gradebook Grading page.
  • This release includes all fixes indicated for Entrada ME 1.11.2 below.

Entrada ME 1.11.2


  • Entrada ME 1.11 now points to the corresponding (/release/me/1.11) release branch for Entrada API.

Bug Fixes

  • PDF parsing library was missing to support Curriculum Search ability to index PDF Learning Event Resources.
  • Communities marked with “Group Registration” failed to allow students within selected cohorts to register as expected.
  • System polls were not showing to designated student cohorts.
  • Faculty could not add Admin Assistants if Entrada ME was installed in a sub-directory.
  • Incorrectly allowed Community Members to access Community Pages set to Administrator Only.
  • Failed to correctly display publicly accessible Communities.
  • Resolved issues with edge-case Rich Text Editor features (i.e. page anchor links, collapsible items, missing font selector).
  • Community discussion forum e-mail subscription icon wasn’t displaying correctly.
  • CBME form templates were showing even when the template was deleted.
  • Deleted Curriculum Tag Links were incorrectly still visible in some reports.
  • Curriculum Search did not provide results in specific newer versions of MariaDB due to a missing full-text index.
  • Some Learning Events were missed when copying events forward into Learning Event Drafts.
  • Added a missing Curriculum Map Version select box to add/edit Curriculum Tags dialog if multiple versions exist.
  • Single Sign-On was not allowing redirect to Entrada ME pages where authentication was not required.
  • Importing Grades via CSV to a Gradebook Assessment was not working as expected.
  • Manually updating Account Status changes in Manage Users was not saving the change.
  • Unable to add individual learners when creating Cohorts in Admin > Manage Cohorts.
  • Courses/Programs that were previously “deleted” were still showing as options when triggering Assessments for CBME.
  • User Disclaimers scoped to specific organizations were being displayed regardless of the organization.
  • Program Coordinators were unable to access Manage Courses due to missing ACL record for their role.
  • Active / All radio buttons were displaying oddly in Admin > Manage Cohorts.
  • Previously “deleted” users were still displaying in the Cohort they were previously assigned to.
  • Incorrectly removed the wrong user access permission for when editing user profiles.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Dashboard Calendar from displaying to IE11 users. Please Note: IE11 is not officially supported.
  • Dashboard Calendar entries now show either black/white font depending on whether a light/dark color is selected.

For further information or clarification regarding information contained in this release announcement, please contact:

Matt Simpson
Technical Director, Entrada Consortium
School of Medicine, Queen’s University
Telephone: +1 613-533-6000 x78146
Email: [email protected]