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Elentra Roadmap

Aurora Borealis
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Elentra Roadmap 2015/2016

Elentra Admissions 1.0

  • New application available to Consortium Members

Elentra ME 1.6.1, 1.7.0, 1.8.0

  • Assessment and Evaluation Module
  • ePortfolio Upgrade or Learner Explorer
  • Panopto Podcasting Community Module
  • Location and Room Management
  • Enhanced User Profiles
  • Secure Exam Module
  • Experience API (xAPI or TinCan) Integration
  • Initial Steps Toward Multi-Lingual Support
  • Enhancements to Curriculum Tag Set Management
  • Enhancements to Course Management

Elentra Mobile 2.0

  • Available in the App Store (iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10) for anyone using Entrada.
  • Custom branded version available for Consortium Members.

Elentra CPD 1.0

  • New application available to Consortium Members.
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